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 Repair and maintenance:
   +7 (343) 283-0-911

 Spare parts:
   +7 (343) 283-0-910

 Working time:
   mon-fri, 6:00 - 16:00 UTC +5

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Information about our company
The full name of the company is: LLC "Electromechanical Technologies-Ural"
The abbreviated name of the company is: EM-TECHNO-Ural LLC
The company was created in 2007

The prerequisites for the opening of the company were as follows:
- we have many years of experience in the implementation of large service and engineering projects;
- we have built long-term relationships with most of the largest industrial enterprises;
- we take into account unique developments in the field of comprehensive maintenance of electromechanical and power equipment;
- we strive to expand our business in other countries and on other continents.

We have the following capabilities:
- Lifting mechanisms of 50 tons, 10 tons, 5 tons, 3 tons;
- Turning equipment: RMC 2800 mm, D = 630 mm
- Milling equipment with working field 1250x320 mm, h = 440 mm
- Balancing of rotors up to 3000 kg.

Our production is equipped with winding machines:
- Stretching machine with long section up to 1900 mm and width up to 800 mm
- Machine for winding coils from copper strip (up to 250 mm2)
- Copper strip at stiffeners or at flat surface
- Machines for winding coils from a tire up to 100 mm2 (at flat surface)
- Machines for in-line winding of wire coils, diameter up to 2.5 mm2
- Automatic winding machines made of wire, diameter up to 2.5 mm2

Our production has a modern test station: AC 380 V, up to 315 kW DC independent supply 0-450 V, up to 300 kW.
We also perform tests with devices, this allows us to control such parameters: insulation resistance, absorption coefficient, resistance of the windings to direct current, no-load current, vibration level, heating of parts and assemblies.

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