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 Repair and maintenance:
   +7 (343) 283-0-911

 Spare parts:
   +7 (343) 283-0-910    info@emt-ural.ru
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   mon-fri, 6:00 - 16:00 UTC +5

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Электродвигатели We help to carry out the operation of electromechanical equipment of industrial enterprises, offering:service, supply of spare parts and materials, innovative products and mutually beneficial solutions.
Repair and service? Yes! Just trust us make it.

Electrical equipment maintenance

We provide electrical equipment maintenance
Major repair and maintenance of electric motors up to and over 100 kW
Manufacture of stator windings, armature coils and inductor coils for electric motors
Overhaul of load-lifting electromagnets
Repair of diesel generator sets up to 1600 kW
Repair, installation, commissioning of pumps WILO, Grundfos, KSB
Overhaul (revision) of transformers with a power of up to 2500 kVA

Spare parts for repair and service

Spare parts for repair of high voltage switches
   - High-voltage bushings 35, 110 kV
   - Arc extinguishing chambers
   - Turn-off/on coils

Spare parts for the repair of power transformers
   - High-voltage bushings 1, 10, 35, 110 kV
   - Assambly coils low-voltage, high – voltage up to 630 kVA
   - Hinged spare parts (contact clips, mounting flanges, conservators)

Spare parts for repair of electric motors
   - Stator windings, armature coils, inductor coils
   - Mounted spare parts (fan cover, terminal box, terminal board, fan)
   - Slip ring blocks, slip rings
   - Brush holders and brushes

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